Teuling Enterprise Chalk Art Training Seminars

For over 50 years, each year Ding Teuling has conducted 
a number of live seminars in beautiful vacation settings in 
various areas of our nation. These comprehensive programs 
cover all aspects of the craft, with special emphasis on 
black-light techniques.

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Live Chalk Art Seminars

He has hosted several National Chalk Art Conferences and trained most leaders in the field to date.

Many of his students continue his work, teaching alongside him at his workshops.

Our workshops are held various times and locations.  To find a workshop in your area sign up here:



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Picture of the Month Chalk Art Ideas

Teuling Enterprises Inc.
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Teuling Enterprises is the center for chalk art invisible blacklight drawing and the leading manufacturer of invisible blacklight chalk. Ding Teuling and Dave Teuling have hosted and instructed chalk artist training workshops for over half a century. This site is dedicated to all who seek to develop their artistic gifts for the Lord. Sign up for free news from Ding Teuling. Enjoy the finest black-Light Chalk Art Gallery on the web featuring actual artwork drawn live from over 65 years of evangelistic ministry. Find here orders forms for the best chalk art training videos, Dave Teuling's 'Picture-of-the-Month' Themes, scripture songs and picture instrction from the Ding Teuling Evangelistic Enterprises Inc. in Muskegon, MI

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